Water Emergency Solutions

 Compak Aqua Camp

This installation has been conceived to be used in particularly difficult situations such as in refugees’ camps or directly onto disasters sites, offering the possibility to distribute in a short time the packed drinkable water to the population.
The Compak Camp installation in addition to the treatment and water packaging system distinguish to be a completely independent installation, which only needs a source of water such as lakes, rivers, tanks, wells, etc.
The Compak Camp installation includes:
- Generator
- Submersible pump
- Pre filtering system
- Pump to pressure augmentation
- Final treatment panel mounted on skid
- Packaging unit “ Compak” type offering

The machine has an output capacity up to 700 pouches/min and can produce pouches with content in the range from .025 to 1.5 liters.
The machine can be optionally installed on a trailer or in a container.

The treatment panel is responsible, for the entire Compak Series, to make water bacteriological pure.
Depending on the model chosen, the treatment panel is different configured. The main devices present on all configurations are the micro-filter and the UV degermination device.
The micro-filter has the function to mechanically keep all solid suspended particles and bacterium contained in the water. The filtration grade is 0.2 micron.
The UV-degermination device produces bacteriological pure water without affecting its chemical composition and organoleptic quality. The UV-burner has a fife of approx. 8’000 hours and maintains its degermination power constant. It is advisable to remove the quartz protection and clean it with a soft paper cloth before using it again after a long period of the system’s activity.
In the Compak Camp the treatment panel is firstly equipped with a pre-filtering station, which has the task to block the main impurities and solid particles present in the water. The station is provided with a double filter working with a by-pass system, in order to avoid any stop caused by all filter cleaning operations.The filtration grade is 5.0 micron.
The Compak Camp machine can also be equipped with a carbon filter, which has the capability to absorb chlorine and all other chemical-physical absorbable substances throughout the micro-pores of the carbon, without modifying the mineral salts concentration.