Water Emergency Solutions

Thanks to the system’s concept and its adaptability to the most various situations, the practical application of our system represents the great experience that we have acquired for years. It has proved its capability in different emergency situations and is well known worldwide.
Among our customers we count International Aid Organizations, Civil Defense corps, Red Cross/Red Crescent Organizations which, in emergency situations are present with their Water Line equipment and distribute potable water in sterile plastic pouches.
During its 38 Years of experience Water Line has developed many different solutions and installations:
- Mobile and fix plants destined to potable water treatment starting from surface or well water, also bacteriological polluted or polluted by chemical-physical substances) and then to packaging in pouches
- Mobile and fix plants destined to the final treatment and packaging of net potable water or source water into flexible pouches.
The Water Line Systems have many operational, hygienic and economical advantages:
- Mobility and autonomy of the mobile units thanks to a generating set which makes it independent from the local power supply and is therefore predestined to operate also in remote areas
- Easy to be transported by sea, road or even by air (Standard ISO/ASA-containers)