Environmental friendly approach

Climate changes and resources scarcity are issues that require us to evolve our business model to meet our responsibilities. The respect of the environment where we live is a priority to Water Line that in fact aims to constantly maintain an environmental friendly approach by reducing the greenhouse gas emissions (GHG), the waste to landfill and the water usage.

Water Line, as specialist the water treatment processes, has even more the responsibility to rationalize the water waste, by promoting a conscious use of this valuable resource.

The sustainability of Water Line Company is manifested in the promotion of a zero-carbon society and a renewable-energy attitude. Considering this last point, Water Line’s building has been constructed by keeping in mind the importance of the sustainability and in the plant some basic resource-efficiency rules are strictly respected, such as the separate collection of paper and carton board and of waste plastic for recycling or a conscious use of lighting thanks to the installation of some cost-efficient light systems and to the presence of sensors which assist the redicution of electricity waste.